Sleep Away the Signs of Aging

Beauty sleep is real, and most of us—no medical degree required—can attest to that. A glance in the mirror is often enough to reveal whether or not we’re getting an adequate amount of shut-eye. But what if we could maximize the benefits of time spent underneath the covers to improve the appearance of our skin? Three of Los Angeles’ top skincare authorities weigh in on ways to reduce the development of fine lines and premature wrinkles during sleep.

Beverly Hills dermatologist Dr. Harold Lancer recommends an overnight retinol-containing product. The star of his skincare line, Lancer, is Younger: Pure Youth Serum. Used nightly, the serum increases the skin’s cell turnover rate, boosting the production of collagen and elastic fibres in the skin. It also contains glycolic acid to aid in exfoliation, and botanicals like aster flower and soya bean extract to soothe. The serum contains “a retinol with the ability to change the biology of the skin, but that’s safe and non-irritating,” says Dr. Lancer. The ingredient, used at night under a moisturizer (and daily SPF), can result in a visible reduction in fine lines and wrinkles over time, and can be applied to the neck and décolleté area as well.

South of the face, the breasts are an often-neglected area that can be affected by our positioning during sleep. Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Randal Haworth created a bedtime bra that specifically addresses aging skin around the bust and cleavage. Nightlift is an intelligent sleepwear collection that helps maintain more youthfullooking breasts while we rest. As Dr. Haworth explains, “Unique gravitational forces are imposed upon the bust with sleep.” Your sleep position, it turns out, has an impact on the appearance of this delicate area of skin. “In the case of side-sleeping, the top breast falls onto the lower one, contributing to vertical chest creases across the décolleté,” says Dr. Haworth, so Nightlift is designed to keep the top breast more firmly in place. Double-patented B.U.S.T. (Bilateral Uplift Support Technology), helps to keep the bust looking “more perky and helps prevent the formation of vertical décolleté chest wrinkles,” says Dr. Haworth. The only thing this preventative bodywear requires is a quick fastening of a few small clasps at the back—the same as a bra you’d wear during daytime. And it looks better than it sounds, too, with a stylish design and playful touches of lace.

Finally, before giving in to REM cycles, the pillow you’re about to press your face against for the next eight hours is worth considering. Based in Santa Monica, California, and a favourite among leading Hollywood ladies, Jamie Sherrill, R.N. (also known as Nurse Jamie), created a clever, wrinkle-fighting U-shaped pillow. The Beauty Bear Age Delay Pillow is designed to comfortably cradle the face and neck while satin fabric ensures that the material doesn’t absorb the natural oils produced by the skin or our nighttime creams and serums. “Most pillowcases are made with cotton, which robs your skin of necessary moisture overnight,” says Sherrill. Sleeping against this structured pillow will help prevent premature wrinkles by coaxing the body into a comfortable position that keeps the face propped upwards—not crumpled into the pillow. “I created the Beauty Bear to allow for fewer etchings into the face, neck and décolleté,” she says. Though it takes some getting used to (it’s no feather-filled, king-size pillow), the results are undeniable, so it’s well worth the switch.


Three products to help maximize your beauty sleep.

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