Pai Skincare Founder Sarah Brown On The Power Of Gentle Ingredients

For Sarah Brown, founder of Pai Skincare, the need to create a line of gentle products formulated with natural ingredients was a personal quest. Having suffered from problematic and highly sensitive skin, Brown was taken aback by the lack of options for individuals who are reactive to harsh irritants found in most products on the market. For over a decade, Pai Skincare has been a trailblazer for certifiably organic and cruelty-free concoctions that are free of artificial fragrances, parabens, surfactants, formaldehyde, phthalates, and other known aggressors. The etymology behind the brand’s name is taken from a traditional Kiwi term meaning “goodness”, which is the principal philosophy guiding each and every business decision.

Brown found that rosehip’s remedial properties and copaiba’s anti-inflammatory aspects worked wonders for combating blemishes, soothing eczema flareups, and calming rosacea. She also reveals how the single most important step in any skincare routine is always an effectively mild cleanser, one that will not affect an individual’s PH balance, over-strip the skin of oils, whilst providing nourishing qualities.

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The Light Fantastic, Pai Skincare, $89.

The brand’s offerings evolved rather organically, manufacturing all of their products in-house in London, with a team of trusted chemists. Heeding the unique and expansive concerns of their customers led Pai Skincare to create their line of products rich in ceramides to help unearth skin that can thwart environmental aggressors.

Following the launch of the Instant Kalmer Serum and System D eye cream comes The Light Fantastic face oil, which has been in production for two years. Taking its name from a John Milton poem, the newest addition to the Pai arsenal has an extremely sheer consistency that feels like “spring in a bottle” that is perfect for daywear, while also creating a smooth canvas for makeup application. Skin that is stressed out will revel in the calming effects of Schisandra—which is also recognized as being an adaptogen—alongside cocoa to reduce tension.  

Brown’s raison d’être for Pai Skincare has also been to bolster those who feel powerless to problem skin. Rather than hide behind insecurities, the brand aims to provide a sense of resilience to help reclaim an individual’s unique beauty, naturally.