On That Note: The Latest Must-Have Signature Scents for Spring

Forever regarded as a visual and olfactory extension of an individual’s style and sensibility, the season’s most captivating fragrances are akin to a piece of wearable art. From minimalist to ornate, these scents are carefully designed to elevate all vanities.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Wild Eau de Parfum, $194 (100ml), Sephora Canada; Carolina Herrera Good Girl Blush Elixir, $221 (80 ml), Sephora Canada; Phlur Mood Ring Eau de Parfum, $134 (50 ml), Sephora Canada; Gumamina Odette, $407 (50 ml); Guerlain Cherry Blossom
2024 Millésime Bee Bottle (125ml) & Spray Bottle, $1,028 (30ml)

Photography by Michael Kazimierczuk (Impossible Studios)
Prop styling by Jess Anderson (P1M)
Photo assistant: Ethan Allen

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