Meet Laura Xiao, Founder Of One Of The Most Coveted Organic Lip Care Brands

Laura Xiao’s vision of rejuvenating the lip care industry began out of a need bolstered by both inspiration and desperation. Having previously lived in Las Vegas with her husband, the stagnant arid atmosphere caused her lips to become easily chapped. As a personal proponent for natural skincare in its purest and most revitalizing form, Xiao was unsatisfied with the lack of effective products for this delicate area, thus manifesting in Henné Organics.

Henné Organics

Working as an independent enterprise allowed Xiao a freedom to experiment and perfect her range of products. Gleaning inspiration from Sweden—her second home—Xiao aimed to incorporate indigenous flora and their unique nourishing properties. Lingonberry, which is recognized as a traditional Swedish delicacy, is chockful of polyphenols and antioxidants which aid in protecting and restoring delicate skin. Similarly, Xiao sourced cloudberry—a raspberry-like fruit native to alpine regions—which is grown in the wild and can survive in subzero temperatures, perfect for lips subject to severe environmental aggressors.

Henné Organics

Guided by a steadfast determination, Xiao began producing her formulations in-house in her new home of Wilmington, North Carolina. Alongside her husband, Xiao took her time to perfect each recipe, whilst adhering to rigorous self-imposed standards to create wholly natural, organic products that are always cruelty-free. The lip care range includes an everyday balm, a serum (for those pesky lip lines and grooves), a rejuvenating mask (which can be left on for any period of time), and a range of exfoliators and lip tints.

Henné Organics
HENNÉ Organics products are available at thedetoxmarket.ca

Luxury remains paramount within the Henné offering, evinced by the 24k gold-plated applicator on the serum, which also has antimicrobial and a soothing function—similarly, the choice packaging exudes Scandinavian minimalism. Additionally, Henné offers a supremely moisturizing hand salve in an ambrosial floral and invigorating citrus scent.

While the pandemic may have postponed forthcoming product launches, Xiao is excited to elevate her brand in a way that feels truthful. Rather than focus on total domination of the skincare industry, Henné Organics is more attuned to refining and nuancing their product offerings as a stalwart for sophisticated formulations for those interested in Earth’s innate healing and beautifying properties.

Images courtesy of Henné Organics.