Behind The Scenes: CHANEL Makeup Artist Julie Cusson on Creating Flawless Fall Beauty Looks

As the seasons change, we’re spotlighting the essence of effortless beauty, allowing your inner radiance to take centre stage. Here, CHANEL‘s Makeup Artist and frequent S/ collaborator, Julie Cusson, shares her insights into the essential products and inspiration that shaped the beauty looks for our Fall Fashion Story, offering invaluable techniques to help you make the most of your makeup artistry.

“What inspires me is people. Who are they? A makeup session before a photoshoot becomes as an experience, a decisive moment.”

– Julie Cusson, Makeup Artist for CHANEL


Accentuate eyes by using Ombre Première Libre in 414 Mûrier Noir and Noir Allure mascara. Enhance complexion with Sublimage L’Essence de Teint.

“For Mella, my intention was to create a sophisticated eye makeup look that is intense and sultry; I wanted to showcase the energy she naturally has!”

Hero product: Ombre Première Libre in 414 Mûrier Noir


Illuminate skin with N°1 de CHANEL Skin Enhancer in Soft Pink, outline cheeks using Douceur D’Équinoxe in 797 Beige et Corail, and define lips with Rouge Coco Bloom in 152 Sweetness.

“Nina’s features are naturally sculptural; my instinct was to reveal them more, while keeping her beautiful harmony.”

Hero product: Douceur d’Équinoxe in 797 Beige et Corail


Rejuvenate skin with Sublimage La Crème and eyes with Sublimage L’Essence Fondamentale Yeux. Paint lips with 31 Le Rouge in 6 for a sophisticated look.

“I enhanced her radiance with a skincare ritual that awakens her natural essence, brightness, and freshness, because Neelam’s beauty is simply timeless.”

Hero product: Sublimage La Crème


For impeccable skin, prep with La Base Matifiante Perfecting Makeup Primer. Magnify eyes with a glossy texture by adding Baume Essentiel. Reveal lips with 31 Le Rouge in 11.

“I wanted to keep Aissatou’s look flawless and luminous, but still pure, so adding a colour on her lips was my way of highlighting and preserving her natural beauty.”

Here product: 31 Le Rouge in 11 Rouge Coromandel

Take a BTS look at our Fall 2023 fashion shoot below.

Photography by Ted Belton
Models: Aissatou Leye, Neelam Ahooja, Nina Granic (NEXT Models), Mella M (Spot 6 Management)
Fashion Direction by Haley Dach and Sahar Nooraei
Hair and Makeup by Julie Cusson for CHANEL Beauty
Photo Assistants: Nigel Tang, Sloane Bartley
Hair and Makeup Assistant: Lauren Jonovich
BTS Photography and Videography by Nikki Ross