Celebrity Makeup Artist Hung Vanngo Teams Up With Quo Beauty

Celebrity makeup artist extraordinaire Hung Vanngo has his finger on the pulse of the latest exciting developments in the cosmetics realm. With a tremendous command of his medium, Vanngo knows firsthand how quality products can create a stunning visage and impart a confident countenance into one’s appearance. As a result, it is with great enthusiasm that Vanngo assumes the role of makeup artist for Quo Beauty campaign, a brand offering optimal, cruelty-free makeup to Canadians.

According to Vanngo, the modern individual uses makeup as an accessory, akin to a Fendi Baguette. For this reason, he endorses the kaleidoscopic range of palettes and other beauty products Quo Beauty has come up with. Vanngo notes how “people do not need makeup, they want it in order to help create a particular mood”, while also engaging with the endless creativity afforded to an individual through cosmetics.

Alongside the inherent playfulness of Quo Beauty’s extensive range of products, the brand is making it easier for customers to make informed decisions that follow the general shift toward green beauty with their reformulated, conscious ingredients.

Quo Beauty’s cruelty-free, vegan makeup is available nationwide at Shoppers Drug Mart nationwide.