Hermès Beauty Launches New Nail Polish and Hand Care Range

With the successful launch of Hermès Beauty in 2020, which included lip ranges Rouge Hermès and later Rose Hermès, the Maison is introducing a new chapter with the introduction of a nail polish and hand care offering.

Les Mains Hermès consists of twenty-four hues made in France, with pigments such as 33 Orange Boît— an homage to the house’s signature iconic orange box—and other classics like the Kelly-inspired 64 Rouge Casaque, and 80 Gris Étoupe, which echos the shade of grey unique to Hermès. The range also includes base and top coat products to prolong the longevity of the wearers’ manicure, as well as a nourishing oil and protective hand cream.

Les Mains Hermès launches today at Hermes.ca.

Browse our favourites from Les Mains Hermès below.