Guerlain Brings Canada’s First Parfumeur Boutique to Montreal

Following a series of successful openings in the Middle East, Europe, and Asia, French house Guerlain is taking its innovative retail concept to Canada by opening the country’s first fragrance-exclusive boutique. The Guerlain Parfumeur Boutique, located in Montreal’s Holt Renfrew Ogilvy, will be designed as a fragrance library that embodies the brand’s exceptional heritage, and will feature 88 fragrances which are divided into 14 olfactory classes.

Guerlain has designed an exclusive digital fragrance consultation service where customers can create their own personal olfactory profile through just a few clicks. This exclusive technology collects data from the customer that goes on to help them curate their signature fragrance. Visitors are also invited to customize the look of their signature Bee bottles, exclusive to the location. From colour, engraved messages, ribbons, and tissue paper, the boutique’s Personalization Atelier allows the fragrance lover to unleash their inner artist and truly make the fragrance their own. The boutique will also feature twenty-five perfume fountains, each filled with one of the house’s iconic fragrances, where customers can have their personalized bottles filled.

The Guerlain Parfumeur Boutique opens March 28th—scroll through the gallery for a look inside. 

Photos courtesy of Guerlain.