5 Manicure Ideas To Compliment Your Fall Look

For those looking for the perfect way to transition into the season, a fresh manicure is your answer. With a multitude of options in the realm of nail polish colours, it’s easy to stay in your comfort zone. However, if you seek a fresh and exciting approach to this season, our collection of handpicked hues will make the selection process a breeze.

Cherry Wine

Proof that wine-coloured polish, perfectly matching your favourite Cabernet-Merlot, is the ultimate choice for fall.

Deep Green

Moody greens are timeless and foolproof choice for cooler days.


Rich brown hues, especially those with warm undertones, provide a comforting sensation that pairs perfectly with your morning coffee.

Glowing Pumpkin

This pumpkin-inspired manicure brings the lively spirit of the season right to your fingertips.

Autumn Palette

Showcase the season’s best hues with a mix-and-match ombre effect.

Feature image by @avrnailswatches