Dr. Barbara Sturm New Body Scrub Uses Ingredient Science to Keep Skin Soft  

Renowned beauty doctor Dr. Barbara Sturm has created cult-status beauty products thanks to her philosophy of healing and scientific approach to skincare. Her eponymous brand is now expanding its body care offering with a new body scrub.

The Dr. Barbara Sturm ANTI-AGING BODY SCRUB hydrates and heals skin using advanced ingredient science. Made of sea salt and brown sugar to gently exfoliate skin, the new product also includes olive squalene and precious oils—almond, plum, and apricot oils—to hydrate skin. Key ingredients, such as vitamins E and F, ubiquinone, purslane, and sea fennel help protect against oxidative stress and support skin regeneration. This 2-in-1 exfoliator and oil treatment gently removes dead skin and boosts hydration leaving skin soft to the touch. Suitable for a diverse range of skin types and needs, this scrub is healthy for both you and the environment as it does not contain harsh exfoliants in the form of plastics or chemicals.

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