Dior Ambassador and Makeup Artist Sabrina Bedrani On Diorshow’s New Collection

Diorshow’s latest collection promises to enhance the eyes in exciting ways. Featuring five haute couture-inspired eyeshadow palettes, an updated version of the Iconic Overcurl Mascara, as well the super new 24H Stylo high-intensity gel liner, the collection delivers a runway-ready aesthetic for everyday wear. S/ recently spoke with Dior Ambassador Sabrina Bedrani about the innovations within each carefully crafted product and professional tricks for pulling off bold colour palettes.

What is the best way to prep the eyes?

“Developed in the Dior laboratories, these palettes contain our Longwear technology, ensuring that even if you have a greasy eyelid, they won’t crease. When prepping the eyelid, I first apply a layer of concealer, which helps the product stay on longer, while also giving a blank palette to work on due to common discolouration in that area—this will help the true essence of the pigment to come through.”

How did Dior come up with the hues for the eyeshadow palettes?

Peter Philips revisited Dior’s iconic haute couture shows from the past and created all the colour options based on different one-of-a-kind garments and textiles. Peter has been great at adding onto the existing line by finding ways to update the range for a contemporary client. I am also really excited about this because not only is the design of the case sleeker, it is was made a little wider as well, which accommodates more product. Additionally, Peter updated the formula to have a creamier feel, which is super exciting.

“The new gel base effectively reduces the amount of powder in it, which gives it a finer texture. The eyeshadow is also infused with pine oil and aloe vera, so it has a soothing effect while also retaining a lusciously smooth texture. This update allows for a high pigmentation, since it is not diluted with a powder, which works great with any skin tone. The colour intensity is brilliant and requires less product in the application process.”

What’s your recommendation for customers who are typically drawn to a natural palette but want to experiment with bolder hues?

“That denim offering is one of my favourite palettes since it includes a gorgeous earth tone. People tend to only use up to two of the five colours included in a set and stick to them. However, as with any palette, each hue is meant to complement each other. When working with clients, many find the blue tones fascinating but are always skeptical about using them on their own face. They always think they can’t pull off such a colour if they have brown eyes and are stuck on the belief that blue eyeshadow must formulate to their eyebrows, which is not a favourable everyday look. 

“The best way to incorporate colour into your beauty routine is to use them as a liner. You can apply a blue with a flat brush, wet it, and begin to use a brighter hue as an eyeliner. This adds a pop of colour that is also subtle. I too have brown eyes, and this is definitely the easiest way to wear something a little bolder. Once you feel more comfortable, you can exaggerate the application to go more intense or wider.

Moving over to the 24H Stylo. What can you tell us about this new addition to the Diorshow range?

Dior Pencils are available at dior.com.

“There are many things to love about these pencils! First of all, I love their compact design, and how they include a smudge brush at the end. If you pull the back off, it comes equipped with a little sharpener, a detail most people don’t notice or even know about. I also love the texture of the pencil, which will not irritate the skin because of a dry, dull tip.

“It’s waterproof, suitable for 24-hour wear, and the pencil glides effortlessly. The product is very user friendly—you don’t need to be a makeup professional to apply it effectively.

“When I am applying to my own face, I start ¾ out and never take the liner all the way, so I always concentrate on the outside of the eye since I do not have a big lid. You can also take a cotton swab or a concealer brush and you can form it to the shape you want to achieve. Afterwards, I will go over it with liquid liner.”

Would you suggest using different colours at the same time?

“You definitely can. The other thing I love about the pencils is how you can mix and match them. If you wanted to do a smoky eye in more of an earth tone, I would recommend starting with the dark brown or the plum or red option, applying along the lash line. In order to add a complementary accent, I’ll incorporate the bronze or pearly gold options. This gives a depth to the brown tone and it creates little sparkles.”

What can you tell us about the Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara’s new formula?

Dior Iconic Overcurl Mascara is available at dior.com.

“It’s the same product that everyone loves, but the package has been redesigned, while also including cotton nectar in the list of proprietary ingredients, which helps condition your lashes. In the morning, I’ll apply just one coat, but if you want to create a more severe look, you can easily add more mascara on top of what you already have. The formula is so smooth – it doesn’t fall out or dry.”

What should people keep in mind when they want to create an impactful bold eye?

“For me, it’s all about balance. There are people that can take a lot of makeup and there are those who can’t. You can combine a bold blue with the silver, but if there’s an unhealthy quality to it, you will have to balance it out with the mascara. If I was to do a darker smoky eye, I will always start with a light colour on my inner eye, and then build outwards with gradually darker shades. I always want the intensity to be on the outer corners, while allowing the innermost part to be brighter and fresher.”

What are some hues and palettes suitable for fall?

Dior Palettes are available at dior.com.

“Definitely the Denim option—those blues are so vibrant. I know some people may be skeptical, but I think the denim one is so pretty. I love The Mitzah, because of the perfect balance of earth tones—it feels very fall but also seasonless. I’m also drawn towards the Black Bow palette, it’s really pretty, especially when mixing all the hues together.”