Crystal Vision: Draw Emphasis to the Eyes With Unexpected Shapes and Statement Hues That Revel in Vivid Idiosyncrasy


Full look by CHANEL.

Transform the forehead into a prismatic canvas of amethyst tones. Using the Godmom, Possy, and Angel shades from the Morphe x Maddie Ziegler The Imagination Palette (available at Sephora Canada), applied with a large eyeshadow and blush brush, alternate between hues and applicators to achieve a desired aesthetic.


Dress by Gucci; earrings by Bvlgari.

Put a bold face forward with a jolt of eclecticism. Choosing radiant tints from KVD’s Super Pomades for each application around the eyes, use KVD’s Pomade Brush #70 and dip into the product directly.


Dress and top by Louis Vuitton; earrings by Cartier.

Glean inspiration from the briny deep for a show-stopping look. Start with NARS Single Eyeshadow in Matcha and Baby Jane to map out a general shape, then use an eyeshadow brush to fill in the areas, adding shine and definition with the Powerchrome Eye Pigment in Shimmering Turquoise.


Top by MICHAEL Michael Kors; jacket by Hugo Boss; earrings by Wasted Effort.

After applying a layer of moisturizer and a dust of translucent powder, use pale pigments from Charlotte Tilbury’s three new palettes. Begin with Shimmering Champagne Pink from Mesmerizing Maroon, followed by Metallic Champagne Gold from Super Blue and Shimmering Cool Gold from Green Lights. Blend them along the cheekbones, brow bones, the inner corners of the eyes, and across the lips for an opalescent effect.


Top by Prada; earrings by Chopard.

Using a pale shade from Artist Couture’s Caliente Hot + Spicy Summer Eye Palette (available at Sephora Canada), trace your desired shape. Follow up with the brighter orange and pink hues, blending the pigments with a fluffy eyebrow brush to create a striking shape across the eyes, forehead, and cheeks.

Photography by Carlos + Alyse
Models: Chrisauntae and Yamel at Want Management
Makeup by Simone Otis at P1M
Hair by Janet Jackson at P1M
Styling by Haley Dach
Text by David Saric