Brittny Robins Gets You Flawless by Friday

Brittny Robins started Flawless by Friday in 2015, a brand built on speed, simplicity and self-confidence, without taking up too much time. The Korean technology and natural ingredients prove to deliver maximum results in minimal timing. Brittny started the company to help people feel like their most flawless self no matter what the occasion may be. We spoke with Brittny to get more information on the rising brand.

How did growing up on a farm influence your beauty philosophy ?

It encouraged me to value simplicity. Growing up with relatively no neighbours and my closest friends all a drive away, I spent most of my time with my mom and 4 sisters. I have always had a passion for the beauty industry and by default became the resident makeup artist, hair dresser and skin care consultant in my house. Seeing how helping my sisters look their best made them also feel their best, was the biggest inspiration for my beauty philosophy. By simplifying the daily routine and creating time effective treatments that target a wide range of concerns at once, I am able to help people look their best and in return really aim to help people feel like their most flawless self.

You launched Flawless by Friday in 2015. What led you to launching your own beauty brand?

I wasn’t satisfied with what I saw around me in the industry—I didnt really see myself in any of the beauty marketing that was coming at me. I figured if I didn’t see what I was looking for, both in the current products available and their branding, then I would have to try and create it on my own. Often, I find that the brands in the beauty industry feel the need to point out individuals insecurities in order to address them with product. I felt a need to focus on the perfectness of peoples uniqueness in order for them to feel flawless in their own skin—not as a comparison to anyone else. 

What was the first product you developed for Flawless by Friday?

The 5 day system was our first ever product that I developed. I wanted to create something that was easy to follow and covered a myriad of skin concerns. The masks work in synergy with one another so your skin can look its best by the end of the week, before a big event or for an easy pick-me-up. Each mask focuses on a different concern, whether that be redness, dryness, breakouts or pigmentation to name a few. 

What’s the idea behind the Flawless by Friday’s three pillars: speed, simplicity and self-confidence?

I believe that time is our most valuable commodity and that feeling like your best, most beautiful self has a direct impact on how you approach your day. Beauty routines takes time…that we don’t have! I wanted to make Flawless by Friday time effective in order to give everyone that time back. With Flawless, your beauty routine is one less thing you need to think about. Simplicity is super important to me because it allows everyone to feel confident and knowledgeable about their beauty routine. The most important part about Flawless by Friday, is just making people feel truly flawless. I want to give my entire Flawless family the inner and outer confidence for all that life throws their way.

You’ve expanded into makeup. What are some of the hero products in the current range?

Our makeup line is conceptualized to save you time and confusion. The concept of our line, in itself, is the hero. Our Flawless in 15 cosmetic line features four different looks with two dual ended lip sticks, a face palette and an eye palette. Equipped with simple step-by numbers instructions these palettes literally make anybody feel confident enough to be their own makeup artist! Following the Flawless philosophy, our makeup line aims to make each individual feel radiant in their own skinin their own way. The most incredible part of our cosmetic line is the conviction that one girl can have four completely different looks based on how shes feeling that day. We also developed a set of double-ended brushes all numbered to teach yourself which brush applies which product and where that product goes on your face.

Can you tell us about the Flawless by Friday pop-up at Yorkdale?

For 8 weeks we will be curating a female-founded marketplace at the Yorkdale Concept space. The space will provide Canadian female entrepreneurs the opportunity to showcase their brands and engage with other female founders! The venue will also provide a community that supports these founders in meeting new customers, expanding their brand awareness, and building their own networks. I am so excited to showcase our new Flawless in 15 makeup line within the marketplace; however, am even more honoured to have the opportunity to provide these brands with a similar opportunity to really have an incredible launchpad for their brands at the top-grossing retail property in Canada. The opportunity to introduce empowered women to one another and support their entrepreneurial journey is something that has inspired and helped me grow my business to where it is today—I can only hope that this amazing opportunity will equally help to inspire these women as they grow their brands!

 What do you love most about what you do?

I have been lucky enough to be inspired by women my whole life. I’m passionate about the strong link between outer and inner confidence and I want to help make everyone feel like the most flawless version of themselves.

Flawless by Friday launched 22 new products online and in the Yorkdale Concept 0.6 x Flawless by Friday space at Yorkdale Mall in Toronto from June 7th to July 31st. 

View the gallery for a look at the latest Flawless by Friday products.