Biophile Unearths the Beauty of Fermentation

The natural skincare realm, which has blossomed over the last decade due to increased demand for holistic remedies, is seeing an exciting revolution with the introduction of Biophile. Fortified with sustainable ingredients and backed by innovative science, the brand is revolutionizing self-care by focusing on an often-neglected concern, balancing the skin’s complicated microbiome.

Founded by Alison Cutlan, a biologist by trade, and Grace Fooden, a former fashion industry executive, the two were introduced by a mutual friend and discovered a shared passion for organic beauty products. Utilizing Fooden’s entrepreneurial expertise and Cutlan’s biology background, the two set out to create a line of products that was not readily available in the skincare market, emphasizing both purity and ecological responsibility.

Founders Alison Cutlan & Grace Fooden

Cutlan has been enthusiastic about the fermentation process and its many benefits to the body, which has been used for thousands of years to target the stomach’s microbiome. However, contemporary research has discovered and placed emphasis on the skin’s thriving microbiome, which is subject to constant corrosion through harsh skincare products and everyday aggressors. With this in mind, Cutlan put her scientific acumen to use, spending over two years perfecting her formulations with utmost care.

The result of Cutlan’s laboratory explorations manifested in Biophile’s three products: the Root Bionic Refining Essence, their award-winning Bio-Shroom Rejuvenating Serum, and the Bio Barrier Nourishing Oil. Each address a multitude of skin concerns including devitalization, ageing, and loss of firmness. Featuring a conscious blend of adaptogens and the fortifying biotic broth derived from fermentation, the products penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin to unearth a vital glow at a more cellular level. Cutlan is hard at work on further additions to the brand, including a cleanser that will be released onto the market in the fall.

Explorer Trio, Biophile, $140, THE DETOX MARKET.

Cruelty-free and made in America, the Biophile line is also committed to a completely circular business model that emphasizes environmental accountability, the necessary future of production methods. Cutlan and Fooden are providing a tall glass of nourishing and stabilizing kombucha for the skin, utilizing ancient methodologies for a modern beauty enthusiast.