Behind the Scenes: How to Achieve Rachel Roberts’s Minimalist Beauty Look

To prep the perfect look for Rachel Roberts’s Resort shoot in Toronto for our Winter 2020 issue, Julie Cusson, CHANEL’s national makeup artist for Canada, let the accomplished model’s natural beauty shine through. Here, Cusson shares her go-to winter products and how she achieved the flawless look on set.

Julie Cusson: image courtesy of CHANEL.
Describe your experience working with Rachel Roberts.

“In the fashion industry, Rachel Roberts is an icon. She’s worked with all the top photographers such as Peter Lindbergh, Ellen von Unwerth, and Juergen Teller. To have her in my makeup chair was delightful. Also, that day she flew from L.A. and arrived on set with this joie de vivre even though she was probably exhausted. In the grooming and styling room, when I was prepping her, we had such amazing discussions. Rachel is beautiful inside and out!”

Rachel is such a natural beauty. How did you prep her skin for this shoot?

“First, I applied my favourite eye patches, Le Lift Firming Anti-Wrinkle Flash Eye Revitalizer, that have the power to lift, smooth, and remove puffiness under the eyes. On set, I always apply them for 30 minutes and during that time I prep the skin. For Rachel, Sublimage L’Essence Lumière was obvious as a choice to treat her skin after a long flight. I worked her skin with Les Beiges Eau de Teint, a foundation based on the unique micro-fluidic technology used by CHANEL. This foundation is 75% water and contains micro droplets that have pigments inside. This is why Rachel’s skin looked perfectly even and natural.”

Describe your vision for the beauty direction. What products did you use to achieve Rachel’s look?

 “We know Rachel Roberts for her natural sexiness and happy energy in pictures. I knew the editor-in-chief and the photographer were looking for a minimalist look; to create the illusion of bleached eyebrows, I made the decision not to fill in Rachel’s eyebrows, and amplified the freshness of her skin by not applying blush. So, with this approach, the eye makeup look was an important element. To keep the minimalist vibe, I added Ombre Première Longwear Powder Eyeshadow in shade 14 Talpa under the eyes, and kept the eyelid bare. For the final touch, I added black mascara to give some contrast to her gaze with Inimitable Waterproof in shade 10 Noir.”

Ombre Première Longwear Powder Eyeshadow in shade 14 Talpa, $42, available at all CHANEL Beauty Counters and chanel.com
Any tips on recreating Rachel’s flawless lip stain this winter? 

 “To start, I used a lip balm, Hydra Beauty Nutrition Nourishing Lip Care, to smooth and hydrate the lips. Then, to create a soft stained lip look, I applied the lipstick on the bottom lip first and by rolling the lips together, you can simply create the stain effect. I chose Rouge Allure Ink Fusion in shade 214 Metallic Plum because of its ultra fine texture and waterproof holding quality.”

Rouge Allure Ink in 214 Metallic Plum, $46, available at all CHANEL Beauty Counters and chanel.com
Winter in Canada can be harsh, especially when you wear makeup. What’s the best way to keep your makeup looking fresh throughout the day? 

“You should have the right and complete skin care routine by cleansing, nourishing, and protecting your skin daily. Your skin will be already radiant, toned, and luminous before the makeup application; this way, you will need less makeup and that means less touch ups during the day. It is a fact that winter in Canada is difficult and indoor heat can dry the skin rapidly. I recommend using a primer before the makeup application and during the day—on top of your makeup—spray your face with a hydrated mist, such as the Hydra Beauty Essence Mist, to re-energize the skin and to give it a nice boost.” 

Hydra Beauty Essence Mist, $82, available at all CHANEL Beauty Counters and chanel.com