Beauty Radar: Spring Products You Need To Know

Happy Medium

Under creative director Alessandro Michele, Gucci’s lipsticks have become covetable collectibles that look just as good swiped on as they do on a vanity. The new Gucci Rouge de Beauté Brilliant combines the best of
a lipstick and a lip balm. The antioxidant-rich formula provides hydration and pillowy softness while offering up a touch of colour from an assortment of 18 different hues. The shades come packaged in an elegant gold bullet that’s dressed up in a print inspired by vintage brooches.

Gucci Rouge de Beauté Brillant is available at Sephora and Holt Renfrew.

A Leg Up

Carolina Herrera’s Good Girl Leg Elixir captures the intriguing duality of the original fragrance in the form of a moisturizing dry oil. The sensual medley brings together floral notes like jasmine and tuberose with the warmth of cocoa and roasted tonka beans. The formula sinks into the skin with no telltale residue, leaving behind only a silky-smooth feel and a hint of shimmer.

Carolina Herrera Good Girl Leg Elixir is available at Hudson’s Bay.

Capsule Collection

Detox Mode—The Detox Market’s in-house brand— recently introduced three skincare capsules containing a unique blend of botanical ingredients designed to target different skin types. The Renewing capsule focuses on combination skin, the Adoring capsule on sensitive skin, and the Nourishing capsule on most skin types. The first to launch are cleansers. The Adoring Cream Cleanser harnesses calming and soothing camellia seed oil, rose, and neroli. Meanwhile, the Nourishing Cleansing Jelly brings together rosehip oil, sweet almond oil, and ylang ylang to balance and refresh. Finally, the Renewing Foam Cleanser uses pineapple fruit extract, lime peel, and cypress and juniper oils to replenish the skin.

Detox Mode Renewing Foam Cleanser, Adoring Cream Cleanser, and Nourishing Jelly Cleanser are available at The Detox Market.

Silk Route

Tatcha found inspiration for its setting powder in oshiroi, an opaque white makeup worn by geisha for centuries to achieve a silky, porcelain complexion. Made using zinc oxide, it was mixed with water and applied over a base of bintsuke wax with a large, flat brush. Tatcha’s modern interpretation of the age-old technique draws on silk to help create an invisible and breathable barrier without the stark finish. It also helps protect the skin against blue light and pollution. The talc-free formula absorbs oil and gives skin a soft, blurring effect with the help of Japanese pearl powder.

Tatcha The Silk Powder is available at Sephora.

Good To Be Kind

For the new Superkind collection, founder Tata Harper wanted to make her eponymous plant-powered skincare brand suitable for people with reactive skin or those who prefer unscented products. With that in mind, Harper set off on a mission to create gentle but potent natural formulas that were hypoallergenic and made without 80 of the most common skin triggers and irritants, including gluten, tree nuts, sulfates, beta-hydroxy acid, fragrance, and essential oils. At the same time, the brand carefully curated ingredients that worked specifically for reactive skin, like a self-neutralizing blend of alpha-hydroxy acids to prevent over-exfoliation. The lineup—a micro-foaming cream cleanser, a radiance-boosting mask, and a fortifying moisturizer—works to strengthen the skin barrier, balance the skin’s microbiome, and soothe irritation, all while delivering Harper’s signature glow.

Tata Harper Superkind Softening Cleanser, Fortifying Moisturizer, and Radiance Mask are available now at tataharperskincare.com, and Holt Renfrew, Sephora, and The Detox Market starting in May.