An Interview With Oribe Global Ambassador and Fashion Hairstylist James Pecis

Oribe has a nuanced history within the fashion industry, as their infallible range of products have been used countless times to creative iconic hairstyles for runway shows and photoshoots alike. Professional hairstylists have come to rely on the brand’s offerings that deliver optimal quality with a reliable malleability to shape and structure a breadth of styling options. Oribe has tapped professional hairstylist James Pecis as a Global Ambassador, utilizing his artistic acumen to propel the brand forward. To coincide with the launch of the Très Set Structure Spray, Pecis recently spoke with S/ about his passion for his craft, the robust interconnectedness between the fashion and beauty realms, and how his partnership with Oribe extends beyond being a mere spokesperson.

James Pecis

When did you become fascinated with the creative potential with hairstyling?

“I got really excited about the creative side of hairstyling when I was 15 living in San Francisco, CA. I’ve always been into the music scene, and the creative visuals associated with hair. So many trends emerged from the music industry, and they really allowed me to see the potential the hairdressing world offered.”

How has your notion of beauty evolved throughout the years?

“My notion of beauty today is very different than when I was working in the industry at 21 years old. To me, beauty is all about being confident and owning your look.”


What have been gratifying career milestones for you thus far?

“Being in this business for so long, there’s a lot of career milestones that I’m extremely proud of. The first is being able to work with such an incredible brand like Oribe, and their amazing team. As the brand’s Global Ambassador, I’ve been lucky enough to not only provide product education, but also co-develop products with the team. Most recently, I helped create Tre Set Structure Spray, a new retro-inspired product that’ll transform your style.

Other milestones would be leading a large number of shows for Fashion Week in each of the major cities, landing my first French Vogue cover and working with various brands I’ve admired my whole life.

The exciting part about this business is that there is always another milestone around the corner. Right now, I’m most excited about working on projects that have a positive outcome for people and the environment.”

In what ways can a hairstyle complement or enhance a fashion statement?

“I’ve worked with some amazing fashion photographers, including Patrick Demarchelier. He would say the most important thing about fashion photography is the hair. I’ll never forget when he told me, “if the fashion is bad, and the hair is good, then it works. If the hair is bad, the whole thing is bad.” So for me, if the hair is bad, you’re screwed.”

What does a partnership with Oribe mean to you?

“My partnership with Oribe is similar to being a part of a family. It’s a brand that I’m proud to associate myself with, especially since I genuinely love using their products.”

Do you have any tips to perfecting a perfect ‘do using the Très Set Structure Spray?

“Oribe’s new Très Set Structure Spray is a necessary foundation product for most of the work I do. I’ll start a look by generously saturating damp hair from roots to end, before blow drying the product in. Using heat is key to activating the product and making it work harder for you. From that foundation, anything is possible.”

What positive changes do you envision for the beauty industry in the near future?

“I think the beauty industry as a whole is looking at how we can do things in a more responsible way for the environment and the people creating the products—whether it’s through transparency, lowering our carbon footprint or changing manufacturing practices.”