Aesop Adds a New Hand Balm to its Collection

The cult-favourite Melbourne-founded wellness brand, Aesop, expands its body care offering with the addition of Eleos Aromatique, another ultra-nourishing hand balm.

Packed with hydrating properties like humectants, emollient butter, and oils, Eleos Aromatique uses nourishing ingredients to lock in moisture and support the skin barrier. This is a highly anticipated addition to Aesop’s existing range of Aromatique hand balms—Resurrection and Reverence.

Aesop introduced its first-hand balm in 1990. Dennis Paphitis, the brand’s founder, was a hairstylist who worked with a manicurist in his salon. The manicurist asked Paphitis to create a unique hand product that mirrored the nourishing, creamy products he was using in his client’s hair. And so Resurrection Aromatique was born—a citrusy, woodsy medium-weight cream.

Then in 2012, Aesop released Reverence Aromatique. The cream was inspired by Ignaz Semmelweis, a Hungarian physician and scientist who was a pioneer of antiseptic procedures and practices in medicine. Reverence is a rich cream with a smoky scent that contains ingredients like Potassium Lactate, to provide all-day hydration.

Created with a similar thick texture as Reverence, Eleos Aromatique is formulated with Cedar Atlas, Patchouli, and Clove Bud, to create a sensual woody and spicy aroma. The new intensely hydrating balm is enriched with skin-softening botanical butter and oils. Beyond hand care, Eleos Aromatique is perfect for massaging into dry, tired feet, and areas prone to particular dryness.

Eleos Aromatique Hand Balm, Aesop, (75ml) $43

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