4 New Power Tools for your Beauty Routine

Electrical micro-currents, laser technology and sonic vibrations might sound like they belong in a lab or a sci-fi film, but, today, they’re likely to be found in our bathrooms, making everyday grooming easier and more effective. These new devices offer results you just won’t get from a serum or cream alone.



As we age, our facial muscles experience a natural decline in volume, so while our anti-aging serums are hard at work, our skin’s diminishing structural support can cause it to lose firmness. For the body, we head to the gym to tighten up, but for the face, a toning routine isn’t as simple. So we enlist technology. The StriVectin Facial Toner uses FDA-cleared electrical micro-currents to stimulate the facial muscles and, like a good workout, the currents help to rebuild muscle strength. Reports have shown that, with regular use, we can expect some tangible results. In an independent study, facial muscle volume increased by 18.7 per cent after 12 weeks, and 80 per cent of the subjects noticed a difference in firmness, with a more toned and lifted appearance. With regular upkeep, the muscles will maintain their pumped-up new look.



In-office laser hair removal treatments have been a beauty game changer, but now the Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X offers a similar result at home. For those who have already gone for in-office treatments, the Tria makes at-home touch-ups quick and easy. And if you’re familiar with those rogue hairs that appear in the most random of places (and at the most inconvenient of times), this is one gadget you won’t want to skip.



Yes, there’s still room left for toothbrush innovation. Foreo’s latest creation, the Issa, is completely unique. Rather than usual updates like bristle quantity and specs, this brush has silicone bristles that are so soft, they’re easy on tooth enamel, and they help to prevent gum recession. As well, the quick-drying material is far more hygienic than the average toothbrush. Rather than oscillating, the bristles use high-frequency pulsations for a cleaning boost, and you get 365 uses per charge. It also comes in nicer colours than the usual neon varieties.



When our skin is clean, it’s quite good at maintaining itself; the natural barrier helps sustain hydration and also protects from outside aggressors. But when dirt and pollution find their way into the pores, they break down the skin’s self-regulating system. The Clinique Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush, developed by dermatologists and Swiss engineered to be extremely gentle on all types of skin, uses sonic vibrations to loosen impurities so you can rinse them away. It’s compact, waterproof, ergonomic and effective.