These Modular Villas in Thailand are a Stunning Architectural Feat

Thinking inside of the box at Casa de La Flora is welcomed. Comprised of 36 rectangular cubeshaped villas, the property rests on the Andaman Sea in Khao Lak, Thailand. The area’s serene surroundings—white sand beaches, lush palms and azure water—are emphasized by the property’s thoughtful design. VaSLab Architecture, the firm behind the project, was tasked with providing all guests with a view of the pristine ocean from their room. Low-rise structures were the answer. Glass walls at the front of each villa open up to an unobstructed view of the idyllic Andaman Sea, in addition to private infinity pools on most terraces.

Photo courtesy of designhotels.com.
Photo courtesy of designhotels.com.

Taking design inspiration from the rugged Brutalist architecture movement of the 1960s and ’70s, the property’s aesthetic is unlike anything else that sits along the historic Khao Lak shoreline. The modular concrete structures are minimal, yet purposeful. All of the roofs are covered in a layer of lush grass, and the high contrast of green foliage against the white, angular walls emphasizes the region’s rich plant life. Rock walls run alongside the pathways through the property, while chestnut-coloured wood covers the backside of each cube. All of the details are subtle, yet they demonstrate a highly conscious decision to seamlessly merge contemporary design elements with the region’s unspoiled nature.