The Bold and Artistically Bizzare Illustrations of Korean Artist SilllDA

Korean artist SilllDA isn’t afraid to be bold. Need proof ? Just look to the bright colours that litter her work and jump off the screen, arresting attention. But the real interest comes from the juxtaposition between these aesthetics and the emotions that arise as one views each illustration. Growing up drawing, SilllDA found she had enough skill to be successful, but not the passion she felt she needed to really excel. When the pandemic started, SilllDA found herself concentrating on herself and spending a lot of time at home with nothing to do except draw. So she let her intuition guide her, and started interpreting her art purely for her own enjoyment. It was in that space that she finally found her passion. Now, she’s using that solace as a newfound source of inspiration as she looks forward to expanding into larger paintings or sculptures.

View the gallery to see SilllDA’s art and find her on Instagram at @silllllllllllll.da.