Letter From the Editor: Up in the Air

I suppose it’s an occupational hazard of sorts, but this year I’ve travelled more than I ever have since the start of the pandemic. From Champagne, to Seville, to Mexico’s South Pacific coast, I’ve had the immense privilege of seeing the world reopen, and feeling the buzz of people enjoying themselves again. And with each passing trip, and as an ex-over packer, I’ve become more expert at packing the essentials without leaving style at home.

The first order of business this year was to look polished while in transit. My current and preferred airport look: high-heel boots, baggy jeans, and a dress shirt in a lightweight fabric. I’ve also learned from a good friend to pack with intention, and with outfits in mind. While it may not be an earth-shattering concept, in practice, it will save you time wherever you lay your hat, keep you feeling your best when you’re far from home, and most importantly, leave room in your luggage for a souvenir or two.

Aside from organization, paring down my luggage has also helped my more-often-than-not flight anxiety. Having control over how I look and what I pack clears my head—even for a moment—in a situation where there is zero control. Even though the nerves are occasionally debilitating, the enormous reward of experiencing a culture different than mine outweighs all the anticipatory anxieties.

So, as we dive into the holiday season ahead, I hope our latest issue —our last one of 2022— will serve as a reliable guide and compel you to book your dream vacation. Whether that’s a sun-soaked destination or somewhere cosy on your home turf, the best gift is repaying yourself for a year well done.