Letter From the Editor: Timeless Treasures

For quite some time I’ve shied away from wearing jewellery. This wasn’t always the case as there was a period in high school and my early twenties where I couldn’t leave my house without wearing my favourite pieces, which included a cocktail ring and a watch my father gifted me.

As my style evolved, my wardrobe simplified, reflecting the refinement I was seeking in life. Call it an occupational hazard, but being surrounded by beautifully crafted fashion and jewellery has resulted in a deepening love (and mission) of finding the exceptional.

While my selective nature has contributed to a highly edited wardrobe I cherish, working on this issue, the arrival of summer, and upcoming travel plans have reignited the desire to be more playful with fashion, and reintroduce jewellery into the mix.

Whether you’re diamond inclined, in pursuit of a statement keepsake, or, like me, and would rather opt for an investment piece on the quieter end of the style spectrum, jewellery is one category where there’s endless potential for expression, no matter your aesthetic.

Throughout our summer issue, the versatility and impact of jewellery is on full display. From our cover star Sydney Sweeney wearing Tiffany Hardwear earrings with a minimalist look to Tiffany & Co.’s newly unveiled The Landmark—which will house the brand’s largest high jewellery collection in world—and our dedicated jewellery shoot showcasing the next generation of heirlooms, the power of jewellery is more evident than ever.