Letter from the Editor: Find The Meaning

Seeing as you’ve picked up our latest Spring issue, I gather most of you are seeking pause from the current state of affairs, which has riddled the world with extraordinary levels of anxiety, panic, existential woe, and uncertainty about what the future holds. And rightfully so—there’s no way to package recent events or downplay our collective concerns.

What I do know is that tackling one day at a time and facing challenging periods with vigilance, camaraderie, kindness, and hopefulness is imperative. Once we acknowledge that there are certain matters out of our immediate control, there’s space to discover lightness and reprieve—and that, for me, has been worth the effort.

I’ve long been intimidated by cooking, particularly Persian cuisine. It takes hours and hours to make, and so much soul goes into every meal, but attempting it has been a low-key goal of mine ever since I turned 30. The women in my family (as well as my father) are fantastic cooks, and all of them handle the process with so much confidence and ease—how could I possibly be that good? Even though the jury’s out, the extra hours I’ve recently had at home have pushed me to try, and I can say with full humility that I can indeed cook Persian food, and it’s been an incredibly fulfilling and cathartic experience, particularly during spring, the season where my family celebrates Nowruz—our new year.

I truly believe that creativity, togetherness, and grace are born out of trying times, and that light eventually reveals itself. And in the spirit of spring, Nowruz, and self-care, I dare you to devise your own plan for coping through all of this. That might be watching your favourite show or movie while facetiming a friend, decluttering your space and organizing your wardrobe, putting on your Sunday best, getting back into your fitness routine, painting, or writing. No matter what you choose, and no matter the duration of the relief or clarity you attain, the simple act of finding meaning among the darkness is an achievement all in itself. Take the leap.

Photographed by Renata Kaveh. Hair and makeup by Nate Matthew (P1M). Full look by Fendi.