Letter From The Editor: Clean Slate

Curating my home and arranging it in a cohesive way that makes sense has always been a super intimidating concept for me. Having an office to go to every day (pre-pandemic) made it incredibly easy to ignore the appearance of my living space. I never felt the urge to invest in it beyond keeping it tidy and organized.

After spending more time in my apartment than I ever had before, I quickly realized that many of the objects I had accumulated did a poor job of reflecting my personality. And with the surge of home decor Instagram shops, not only in Toronto but around the globe, I felt more encouraged to embark on a quest to figure out what I was interested in adding (or replacing) in my home. Before getting started, I had to strike down the impulse to buy everything I wanted at once, and instead turn my focus toward evolving my living space.

To get inspired, I looked to my wardrobe, which has taken a long time to refine and develop. It took years to buy less and invest in quality pieces that brought me long-term joy. I realized that this was the element missing from my living space. I was purchasing items that were purely functional and not doing my research to see if they were something I’d enjoy in the long run.

With this in mind, I prioritized my living and dining areas, which I painted all white to get a good idea of what needed to change. I decided to focus on scoping out investment furniture in neutral colours and complementing it with fixtures and objects featuring pops of colour, such as royal blue and red.

The transformation process of my home has been slow but fulfilling. It’s not nearly where I want it to be, and I’ve learned to take my time and take pleasure in the process. It’s also reaffirmed the concept of investing in a thoughtful way—whether it’s for furnishings or clothing—and strengthened my belief that not giving in to the impulse to buy the first thing you see produces the most beautiful and rewarding results.

Photographed by Renata Kaveh. Makeup by Nate Matthew at P1M.