Letter From The Editor: Beyond the Altar

Even though their designs are an extension and expression of their sensibility, designers and brands that resonate with me the most are those that strive to design with the wearer’s individuality in mind. I’ve often felt disconnected with bridal fashion, and never felt there was a crop of designers in the space who fully understood what women in my circle would want to actually wear at the altar. Either the designs felt like overpowering garments that masked the bride’s personality or like a garment stuck in a mediocre period film. While unmarried, I’ve been exposed to women who’ve reinforced the idea that you can indeed curate your wedding day to suit your personal taste, and you can do so on your own terms.

This includes my mother, who opted for a pink wedding dress, one she designed and made herself. And my three closest girlfriends, whose ceremonies ranged from the iconic Little White Wedding Chapel (Elvis included) to a quaint city hall ceremony. That said, in recent years, the bridal category has undergone a transformation, with designers such as Sandy Liang and Molly Goddard expanding their ready-to-wear lines to include bridal, and cool-girl labels like Danielle Frankel becoming the go-to for brides in search of unconventional designs. Their designs not only broaden the category with more contemporary options, but also mark a cultural shift toward brides expressing their personal style in a more authentic way.

As bridal fashion continues to evolve, the same can be said about the rich stories in our spring issue, where we hope you’ll experience the overarching theme of reinvention—quite fitting for spring. Whether it’s our roundup of bridal brands to know, our cover star Kirsten Dunst, who continues to keep us engaged through her powerful performances, or our culinary spotlight on Marseille, a city that’s overdue for its spot on your travel list, we invite you to celebrate the vibrant spirit of spring, in your own way, and embrace the beauty of transformation.

Feature Image: Photography by Ted Belton.