Kelly Hoppen Celebrates 40 Years in Design

As one of Britain’s most in-demand interior designers, Kelly Hoppen has seen many a piece of furniture in her time. And naturally, over the years of being on the lookout for the perfect items to fill her clients’ spaces, she has had plenty of opportunities to daydream about furniture and décor that had yet to be designed. Until now, that is.

Hoppen has collaborated with Resource Décor on a 100-piece collection of furniture and home accessories, utilizing all the design inspiration she has kept in the back of her head, and bringing to fruition all the styles she wished she had seen on the market. It’s a fitting time to look back in retrospect, as the collection—aptly titled Retrospective—was launched just in time to celebrate her 40th anniversary in the field of design. And we can’t get enough of it. Each ultra-modern piece, rendered in a sophisticated colour palette of neutrals, luxe mauve, and blush pink, will instantly elevate your interior.

Here, we caught up with the jet-setting designer on her big milestone, the new collection, and what it means to her to empower women in business and design.

Congratulations on celebrating your 40th year as a designer! What valuable lesson have you learned thus far in your career?

I have learned a lot of valuable lessons in my career, but one of the most important would have to be that in order to succeed you need to put in a lot of hard work. Be determined and don’t be afraid of taking the next step to achieve more. It is always important to keep an open mind, and use every resource you can – be sure to listen to any advice that is going, soak it all up like a sponge because at some stage or another it will be of use to you. Always remember to be passionate, be fearless, be confident and be driven and you will succeed!

What was your inspiration behind the Retrospective collection?

My own life feeds into my design work as I am constantly inspired by my surroundings. In this 100-piece collection, I really wanted to bring together everything I longed to see on the market. In this sense, I was really inspired by my new home and the mix of modern and vintage designs I have collected through various travels over the years. I have used sumptuous rich materials in striking combinations with clean cut lines, in testament to my timelessly elegant East meets West design philosophy.

How did the collaboration with Resource Décor come about?

I have known the Resource Decor team for years and when the opportunity arose, I grabbed it with both hands. The process was really exciting as I was given complete freedom when it came to the design which was wonderful. No task was impossible and working alongside their team was a seamless harmony which resulted in a collection that I am incredibly proud of.

You were awarded the NatWest Everywoman Ambassador award a few years ago, recognizing your role in empowering women in business. What did this mean to you?

It meant a huge amount. As a woman with my own business, I am passionate about other women getting equal opportunities in the workplace and encouraging our society to accept women as leaders. I was very lucky as a young woman, not to have to work to support myself, however, it was never an option for me not to work and succeed. I started out in the industry at 16 with no formal training in interior design. I am completely self-taught and Kelly Hoppen Interiors and Kelly Hoppen London are complete proof that women can thrive in business.

Which is your favourite piece, or one must-have piece, from the collection and why?

I love it all! I simply can’t pick one piece as each is perfect to me. I love the opulence, elegance, and wow-factor that the collection exudes.

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