Keep Calm and Create Art: Gunnar Floral’s Jaime McCuaig

In the spirit of creativity and self-care, S/ presents Keep Calm and Create Art, a series exploring the meditative, rewarding, and soothing practice of making art during uncertain times. 

For the third installment, GUNNAR Floral‘s Jaime McCuaig gives us an intimate look at her mesmerizing arrangements and insight into her creative process.

What prompted you to pursue a career as a floral artist?

“I was really craving touch! Flowers are wonderfully sensual. They command a confidence and desire for tactility from those who wish to hold them.”

Where do you look for inspiration?

“Nature, always. The combos she comes up with are unbelievable and tireless. A lifetime of seeing isn’t long enough.”

What do you find most soothing about arranging flowers?

“When I play with flowers my head gets soft and quiet. It’s a calming veil, meditation, and rock in the cradle. It’s the practice of tending to something you love and respect very, very much.”

How do you create the best environment for your creative process?

“To be honest, my environment has always been in flux. The practice itself is what grounds me whether I am working out of the backseat of my car on the side of the road, under hot lights and pressure on set, or quietly and solitarily at my kitchen table. The best environment is one in which I feel prepared, inspired by the product, and receptive to my own intuition.”

Do you have any words of wisdom for aspiring artists who are trying to develop and find their voice in the industry?

“Develop a keen trust in yourself, what you like, what you don’t like, and then practice listening to it. It’s so much fun to like what you make.”