Bring the Beauty of the Outdoors Inside with this Seating Collection

These sculptural chairs, crafted to resemble arrangements of leaves, will satisfy anyone with a love for nature or an appreciation of fine design. Created by Joy de Rohan Chabot, these chairs are available in five colours—three of which reflect the life cycle of foliage through spring, summer and fall, while the other two depict the leaves’ hues as they appear under sunlight and moonlight.

Here, the designer shares her inspiration and the design process behind these stunning seats.

S/: What was your inspiration behind this collection?

Joy de Rohan Chabot: As always, nature—especially trees and the colours of leaves during the change of seasons

What type of person would be drawn to these chairs?

Most likely people who are appreciative of nature’s originality as well as the uniqueness of these creations.

You said you wanted to be a gardener if not a designer. Tell to me about your love of the outdoors.

It’s not easy to talk about because it’s my inner nature, but I have always been the happiest in the countryside, loving life in all forms of light, space and freedom.

These chairs are visually stunning and unique. How did you balance the design with functionality?

By working and knowing exactly what I wanted to do. It’s a creation that took a lot of time and reflection.

Can you tell me how you made these chairs? 

First, I thought a lot about what I was going to create and then I drew models in cardboard and metal. I was full of doubts and worry when I started creating these prototypes, but in the end it was only excitement and pleasure. My creations always this same way.

For more of Joy de Rohan Chabot’s stunning creations, visit joyderohanchabot.com.