Gonnie Garko Curates The Ultimate Playlist to Get You In The Holiday Mood

The holidays bring about a merriment that appeals to the senses—the taste of home-baked confections, the sight of luminous decorations, the feeling of loving caresses between family members, the scent of yuletide-themed candles, and the sounds of joyful music. However, as plans become modified due to health protocols, we must find clever methods to keep the festive connectedness intact in lieu of physical distance.

For Canadian Gonnie Garko, “holidays have always been special in my family and we’ve always loved Christmas the most.” Here, Garko has curated a special playlist that will allow the festive spirit to thrive through shared memories soundtracked by these instantly recognizable tracks. “With the playlist, I wanted to select songs that remind me of those moments and bring some joy to people who may not be able to be with their families this year.”

Dive into Gonnie’s exclusive playlist below.