Glimpse Inside This Luxury Resort Inspired by the Elements

Turkey’s brand new Maxx Royal Kemer Resort has definitely earned a spot on our travel wishlist. Surrounded by charming beaches and with the majestic Taurus mountain range in view, the resort’s setting is a natural Wonderland. In an homage to the landscape, the Maxx Royal enlisted the help of design firm GeoID to create stylish interiors worthy of the stunning landscapes outside. Upon seeing the arresting area the resort is situated in, designer Tuğçe Rizeli Bilgi of GeoID felt instantly inspired to utilize the stunning surroundings in her design concept. With this in mind, the resort’s motifs, patterns, and colour choices were selected to honour each of nature’s four elements: fire, water, earth, and air. 

Here, designer Bilgi shares what it was like studying design internationally, what inspired her design for this project, and how each of the resort’s villas are unique. 

S/: You were trained as an architect in Istanbul and Milan—how has experiencing those unique cultures informed your work?

Tuğçe Rizeli Bilgi: As a designer, every city and culture nurtures your soul and perspective. Milan and Istanbul have been homes for empires for so many centuries; it’s hard not be influenced by that. Not only in architecture, but also in other design disciplines, Italians are very successful. You can see that design is a part of their life. To have the opportunity to study there helped me gain a different point of view.

What inspired the Maxx Royal design?

When we did this project we were so amazed by the Kemer’s perfect [environment] that we wanted to praise it as much as possible. Our muse was the four elements of nature, and after we decided on this concept, we spread it all over the design via patterns, colours and materials.

Tell me about the elemental motifs and why you made this design choice?

We wanted to use patterns and colours to be able to tell our story. Every element had some [influence from] nature. We took inspiration from azure jay bird, tangerine fruit, emerald and gem tones, bronze tiger flowers, waves, fishbones, and sunshine for the patterns. We created colour palettes for every element.

In what ways does the resort fit naturally in its surrounding landscape?

We did everything we could to not make it look like a regular hotel. We went for a minimal design formed with sharp edges and glass, just like the mountains of Kemer. And the main idea was to make the hotel functional for the visitors as well, so that they can have good time while they enjoy the natural vibe during their stay.

Tell me about the design of the different villas.

We wanted to offer options so that every individual or family could find a choice that they can relate to most. Thats why there are various types of villas. The ones around the lagoon are more cosy; we tried to use warm colours and different patterns to be able to make people feel [like they’re] in a familiar place. The seaside villas have their own swimming pools, and have a more luxurious feeling.