Faouzia’s CITIZENS EP Solidifies Her Robust Pop Instincts

Moroccan-born, Canadian-raised pop prodigy Faouzia‘s ceaseless creative streak has resulted in an eclectic roster of releases that traverse various genres with ease. From the pained lamentation of her debut single “My Heart’s Grave” to the empowered nu-disco vibes of “Puppet”, Faouzia is not afraid to push her sound in new directions that reflect her distinct vision. S/ recently spoke with the chanteuse about her songwriting process, the stylistic diversity of her CITIZENS EP, and what it means to be a Canadian artist today.

Photo by Alex Kirzhner

Was there a particular “a-ha!” moment that made you realize that singing was more than just a hobby, but a viable career path you’d want to pursue?

“I don’t think I had an ‘a-ha’ moment! I just realized over time that I found myself writing and singing 24/7—and that music was a really big part of who I am.”

You have been very prolific with writing, recording, and releasing your own original music. What inspires you to keep the creative juices flowing and express yourself?

“Trying not to be so hard on myself. Since I’m writing all the time and also a perfectionist, I take it day by day, appreciating a session even if there wasn’t a song I loved that came out of it. This way it’s a lot less taxing creatively and when creativity does strike, I run with it.”

Can you describe the inspiration behind your forthcoming CITIZENS EP? How does it reflect your artistic identity at this moment in time?

“CITIZENS is a body of work that showcases both parts of who I am as an artist. You can find emotional and dark ballads to upbeat and powerful pop tracks with a Middle Eastern flair.”

As a Canadian, how special did it feel being nominated for a JUNO award?

“Extremely special. I’ve been following the JUNOs ever since I was a kid and to be nominated amongst other amazing artists is a dream.”

Do you feel a sense of pride being a part of a diverse music landscape such as Canada’s?

“Absolutely! It’s special that so many different types of people are being noticed in music. I think it’s important because this is what opens doors to more new artists to feel the encouragement to pursue their own sound and to keep the music scene growing.”

Faouzia’s CITIZENS EP is available to stream and purchase now.