Decorating Advice from Los Angeles Design firm: Life.Style.

When thinking about Los Angeles culture, images of Rodeo Drive shopping, glamorous Hollywood soirées and, of course, highflying music producers and prestigious record labels instantly come to mind. Universal Studios is one of the most iconic must-visit L.A. destinations, and the offices now boast a fresh new design courtesy of California-based design company: Life.Style. Shannon Wollack and Brittany Zwickl, the duo behind the brand combined the pillars of “lifestyle” and “style” to create a firm that meets the needs of today’s sophisticated clientele.

“I worked in the fashion industry prior to interior design, thus when I started Life.Style I wanted it to focus on bringing style into everyday life,” explained Wollack. “Our title reflects that.”

Both designers credit travel, elements of nature and a client’s unique style as sources of inspiration, but they also each bring their own unique personal tastes to the table. While Wollack describes her home as “sophisticated with pops of colour,” Zwickl’s home is casual and inspired by the California beach bungalows.

Their recent project at the offices of Universal Studios was styled around a bright piece of art. “Knowing that this was our focal point, we wanted the rest of the office to be sophisticated and more subdued,” said Zwickl. “We layered different elements of neutral colours—from wallpaper to rugs—so that the whole space would flow.” According to Wollack, they used custom furniture to ensure their vision would carry on through the space while ensuring the functionality of the space.

Shannon and Brittany
From left: Shannon Wollack and Brittany Zwickl. Photo by Diana Relth.

Here, the design duo offer advice on how to achieve the same sophisticated yet lively style in your home or office.

Space Fillers:

Tip 1

“Oversized seats fill the blank wall, they also add personality through texture and colour.” -BZ

Table Talk:

Tip 2

“Coffee table books are a great way to bring colour and interest, and additionally they are a great investment because they can work in almost any room and are timeless.” -SW

Jazzed-Up Hardware:

Tip 3

“Putting interesting hardware on any cabinet is a great way to dress it up. A simple hardware update can transform and elevate any piece.” -BZ

Tile Art:

Tip 4

“Using the same tile in various patterns creates interest without having to compromise overall fluidity.” -SW

A Touch of the Personal:

Tip 5

“Creating an ordered collage of personal photos is a skillful way to display family and friends in a professional setting.” -SW

Learn more about Life.Style here, and be sure to follow the duo on Instagram for regular design inspiration.

 Photography by Diana Relth.