Damien Hirst Takes Over TagTO for New Exhibition “Editions”

Taglialatella Galleries is showcasing a selection of works by renowned British artist and art world enfant terrible Damien Hirst at their location in Toronto’s Yorkville neighbourhood. Entitled Editions, which was first showcased at the gallery’s flagship location in Chelsea, New York, the exhibition features pieces from several of the artist’s most resonant and recognizable series including The Spot Paintings, The Pharmaceutical Paintings, as well as The Butterfly Mandalas and Kaleidoscopes.

Hirst’s penchant for disrupting the status quo and providing pointed cultural critiques are on full display throughout the gallery space, where recontextualized images of Mickey and Minnie Mouse—both are disassembled into basic geometries and awash in neon hues—sit squarely across from images that critique modern medicine’s seemingly scant remedial qualities. The polychromatism of the artist’s selected works enlivens the traditional white cubed space, utilizing a childlike palette to address pertinent cross generational concerns.

TagTO partner Alan Ganev reveals how he and his team are “thrilled to be able to showcase a selection of works from Damien Hirst’s most iconic series at Taglialatella Galleries. Hirst is one of the most prominent and notable artists of his generation whose works aim to evoke a reaction from the viewer and offer an insight into the unfamiliar, and we encourage art-lovers to get up close and personal with this unique experience at our newly expanded gallery in Yorkville.”

Editions is on view until May 4th, visit tagto.ca for more details.