CHANEL Partners with TIFF for Writers’ Network

As the 2021 edition of the Toronto International Film Festival swiftly approaches, CHANEL is announcing the formation of its CHANEL Women Writers’ Network, an alumnae program, and an expansion of Share Her Journey’s annual TIFF Writers’ Studio. Reinforcing the House’s unwavering pledge to bolster female creators, this multi-year philanthropic partnership will establish various opportunities for both artistic and professional growth.

The CHANEL Women Writers’ Network will help facilitate the advancement of projects helmed by women and non-binary finalists in the TIFF Writers’ Studio, while also offering access to an invaluable network of script consultants, established screenwriters, filmmakers, and other industry personnel. Furthermore, four alumnae will receive a generous grant to help kickstart their feature-length screenplays, adding a necessary multiplicity of ideas to the silver screen.

TIFF Share Her Journey

With this initiative, CHANEL is augmenting its storied reverence for the art of cinema. Beginning with Gabrielle Chanel’s fondness for this burgeoning medium in the 1930s, the brand has since helped restore and preserve various masterpieces, such as Last Year at Marienbad, as well as sponsoring and advocating for next-generation female filmmakers. With a keen eye towards the future, CHANEL is steadfastly encouraging creative innovation and expression, lending its seismic influence to embolden new and essential voices.

TIFF Share Her Journey