Airbnb Plus Makes Luxury Travel Easy

Designed to accommodate any type of traveller, Airbnb has become a strong platform for uniting local communities. With over 10 years of connecting people and offering 4.5 million places to stay around the world, Airbnb has expanded their offering from cozy shared rooms to premium property rentals. Airbnb Plus  allows travellers to shack up in exceptional and tastefully designed homes that provide outstanding hospitality to their guests.

Recognizing hosts who go above and beyond for their guests, each Airbnb Plus-approved home has been carefully inspected and verified against a 100+ point checklist covering cleanliness, comfort, style and design, truly taking home sharing to a new level.

Take the trip of a lifetime with an added piece of mind and discover our top five stays to add to your summer vacation list.

Mountainside Retreat ($1,522 CAD/Night)

Secluded Pool House ($374 CAD/Night)

Rustic Meets Modern ($455 CAD/Night)

Earthy Open Space ($334 CAD/Night)

Beautiful Bungalow ($741 CAD/Night)

All images courtesy of Airbnb.