A Look at Renowned Architect Zaha Hadid’s Only Completed Private Residence

For decades, Zaha Hadid has made an indelible mark on the architectural world with her extravagant, over-the-top buildings that redefine what a building should be, and how it should be experienced. Arguably the most famous female architect of her time, Hadid’s striking and futuristic structures are forces of nature that are recognized all over the world. While Hadid’s past designs pay homage to her untimely death in 2016, a drift of her final projects is finally coming to light. A most recent project is Hadid’s first and only private residence that was designed exclusively for businessman and philanthropist, Vladislav Doronin. Located in the Barvikha forest just west of central Moscow, this location – unlike her other structures being situated in major metropolitan cities – is an unusual one for the first female Pritzker Prize winner. The late Iraqi-British architect designed the Capital Hill residence to stand out from the thick 22-meter-high forest, and it is undeniably worth the decade it took to develop.

Like many of Hadid’s architecture, the design concept of the Capital Hill Residence is defined by fluid geometries that are derived from the surrounding environment. Organized vertically over four levels, the lower level is inspired by a leisure space that includes a living room, fitness area, as well as a sauna and hammam baths. Taking up the entirety of the home’s ground floor is the main living room, kitchen, dining room, indoor swimming room and parking spaces. The first floor is occupied by the main entrance foyer, library, guest rooms, and children’s playroom, while the defining feature of the residence is the impressive master suite set on top of three slender concrete columns. From the transparent glass elevator and staircase leading up to the master suite to the breathtaking exterior terraces, this house is sure to impress any design maven.

See Hadid’s Capital Hill masterpiece in more detail in the gallery above.  Images courtesy of OKOGROUP.