7 Remarkable Women Reflect on International Women’s Day

To conclude our International Women’s day celebration, we are recognizing another group of exceptional women. These individuals use their power and strength to stand together and influence others while fighting for equality for all. Read their encouraging and insightful thoughts below.

Anjali Lama, Transgender model  

“International Women’s Day is a good way to take some time and think, credit, respect, and appreciate the women around you. That being said, I feel every day is a good day to treat the women in our lives with respect—a designated day shouldn’t undervalue the extra effort women have to make to prove themselves as worthy. Women are good enough and should be treated so. To me, days like these are reminders of all the support, effort, and help we can give each other. As a trans woman, I stand in solidarity with all the women who are fighting for their sisters, using their voice, and supporting each other unbiasedly.”

Domee Shi, Academy Award Winner and Director at Pixar

“I think of my mom and how brave and amazing she is for immigrating to Canada with me and my dad and raising me while studying to get her PhD. I think of my grandmas who raised 8 children each during a crazy time in China. I think of all the strong women and men who have advocated and worked so hard to pave the way for women like me to have a platform for our stories to be heard. I think of how I have to pay their work forward, that I have a responsibility to keep fighting for gender equality in this world, and to support and lift up the generation after me.”

Lorraine Whitman, “Elder Grandmother White Sea Turtle” and President of the Native Women’s Association of Canada

“An equal world is an enabled world — this year’s theme for International Women’s Day aligns with the overriding message from Canada’s Indigenous women, girls, and gender-diverse people. Where once women held a sacred place in Indigenous culture as water carriers, land protectors, and givers of life, colonialism has led to inequality, violence, and economic disparity; it has eroded our communities and has devalued women solely on the basis of their gender. On this day and all other days, I and my Indigenous sisters, through the Native Women’s Association of Canada, commit to continuing our work to restore Indigenous women’s rightful place.”

Autumn Peltier, Chief Water Commissioner for the Anishinabek Nation

Photographed by Linda Roy.

“What this day means to me is that the voices, the hard work, dedication and commitment to our roles as women have been acknowledged.  Not only all women but as an Indigenous women we come a long way from being oppressed and abused not long ago. Many great women ahead of me have pioneered their way through this world leaving a well-cleared path for the ones coming behind them.  We youth are the future and as women, it is our inherent right to carry on with our roles as caretakers of this earth.  It is our role to mentor and guide young girls and youth down their paths as leaders and survivors. I feel proud to be recognized as a young Indigenous woman representing my people and I am honoured am humbled to accept this recognition.”

Liz Klinger, Co-founder and CEO of Lioness

Photographed by Henry Wu.

“For me, International Women’s Day is a time to remember my dad, an engineer, encouraging me to study STEM and know that I could be an engineer too — in the middle of the sexist ’90s. It’s reflecting on being part of a family of badass women, including my mother, who fought through poverty to support their families. It’s attending a women’s college, where professors made sure to highlight women innovators and leaders in their fields to inspire women to know they could dream big. It’s remembering how fortunate I am to be in the position I’m in and figuring out how to share that inspiration and opportunity with others.”

Éva Goicochea, Founder/CEO of Maude

Photographed by Nicole Franzen.

“Celebrating International Women’s Day reminds us that women, all women, are just as important, just as strong, and just as worthy as their male counterparts. As we march towards the future, may we all highlight and fight for gender parity and equality—for women and for everyone.”

Maayan Ziv, photographer and founder of Access Now App

“Sharing diverse perspectives from people of all abilities, genders and backgrounds is critical in building allyship. It’s through storytelling that people are invited into a conversation. The more we share through days like International Women’s Day, the more opportunities we have to create positive change that leads to inclusion.”