2021 CAFA Nominees On What It Means To Be a Canadian Creative

With the Canadian Arts & Fashion Awards (CAFA) just around the corner, the nominees showcase some of Canada’s brightest creatives. Hosted virtually on May 19th, this year’s ceremony will honour a vast range of categories from sustainability to makeup artistry. To celebrate, S/ asked a selection of CAFA nominees to reveal what it means to be a Canadian creative. Hear from stylist Corey NG and photographers Alex Gilbert and Maya Fuhr below.

Maya Fuhr, Photographer

Nominated category: The Image Maker of the Year Award

Photographed by Renata Kaveh

“It warms my heart to represent Canada and use my platform to highlight the eclectic creativity in this country. It validates all the hard work, relationships, and projects which I have cultivated over the past decade. I want to continue with that same energy, hyping up emerging artists that push the envelope. As well as bringing sustainability and queerness to global cultural prominence.”

Corey NG, Stylist

Nominated category: The Hudson’s Bay Stylist of the Year Award

“We need to encourage the fashion industry to continuously explore and hire new artists in the creative community. In such a fast-paced industry, creativity often comes after convenience and what’s already familiar; but if efforts aren’t made to explore newness, our industry won’t evolve. Going against the grain and giving more opportunities to new artists and creators will help motivate and inspire these new talents. Leave the door open to those who aspire to come in.”

Alex Gilbert, Photographer

Nominated category: The Image Maker of the Year Award

“I was blessed with the support of many amazing people throughout my short career. Being recognized as a Canadian artist reminds me of all these opportunities and wonderful memories I made. I am beyond grateful and honoured to stand beside these amazing talents.”